What does quality mean? Although defined usually as just plain attention to detail, we set ourselvesfurther ahead to ensure that we have the foundation necessary to be able to provide quality within deadlines and lower costs:

  • We currently implement compliance to cover a wide range of industry standards including ANSI, ASME, AMS and ASTM, as well as several federal and military standards.
  • ISO 9001:2000 Compliance.
  • Quality Assurance Manual updated annually.
  • Statistical Process Control (SPC).
  • Heat Lock Traceability.
  • Cost and Feasibility Reports.
  • High tech prototyping and testing tools.
  • Geometric dimensioning and tolerance algorithms.

  • Along with our strength in cnc machining technologies we also pride ourselves in owning the latest testing and quality control equipment.

  • Mitutoyo BH-305 Coordinate Measuring Instrument.
  • Digital hardness tester.
  • Tool-maker's microscopes.
  • Latest in CAD/CAM technology.
  • Heat Lock Traceability.

Austin Dynamics developed and implemented a Quality Management System in order to document and continually improve the company’s best business practices, better understand and satisfy the requirements and expectations of its customers and improve the overall performance of the company.

The Austin Dynamics quality management system is based on ISO 9001:2008 and includes processes that could affect the quality of products produced by the organization. The quality system requirements stated in this Quality Assurance Manual are based on the needs of Austin Dynamics customers, both internal and external, and will address customer satisfaction through the effective application of these requirements.

Austin Dynamics has a quality management system designed to meet all requirements of ISO 9001:2008. To implement and manage the quality system in accordance with ISO 9001:2008 requirements, Austin Dynamics will:

1). Identify the processes needed for the quality management system.

2). Determine the sequence and interaction of these processes.

3). Determine the criteria and methods required to control these processes.

4). Obtain the information necessary to support the operation and monitoring of these processes.

5). Measure, monitor, and analyze these processes to achieve planned results and continual improvement.

6). Control any outsourced process by ensuring that all necessary information is flowed down to the supplier or outside contractor.

Adaptability models backed with our state-of-the-art manafacturing and testing technologies, processes and knowledge makes Austin Dynamics a valuable asset in any manafacturing, testing or analysis project.

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