Austin Dynamics was founded in 1992 and is owned and operated by Kelly E. and Craig M. Hobdy. We are currently operating as a female owned small business; however are in the process of filing for Hub zone status as well. For over seventeen years we have worked exclusively in high tech environments; producing machined parts for the aerospace, semiconductor, military defense, medical, and energy related industries. We have partnered with industry leaders like Air Lock, Applied Materials - as well as several entities at the J.J. Pickle Research Campus at the University of Texas - Advanced Research Laboratories, Center for Electro Mechanics, Robotics and Optical Labs, Eaton Corporation, 3-M, Luminex Corporation, National Oil Well, Oceaneering Space and Thermal Systems, Varian and Varco to name a few.

Austin Dynamics has developed a reputation from industry to industry for exceptional quality and expertise in handling the most difficult to machine parts. Gaining the trust to be counted on when a part is critical and has to be right; and succeeding where other vendors have failed. We have numerous cases in each industry that highlight our manufacturing capabilities and skill. We also have won several vendor awards and been featured in manufacturing magazine articles.

Austin Dynamics has been a vendor for Oceaneering Space and Thermal Systems since 2004 running over 60 different part numbers to support your operations. We have also built parts for Air Lock to augment OSS. One of the first difficult jobs processed for OSS were the SEG33108427-007,-009, and -711 Bases and we have run them since 2005. In 2005 we accepted the challenge of running the Thermal Curtin Acceptance Fixtures: 10201-60002-001, 10201-60005-001, 10201-60007-001.These parts were unsuccessfully attempted by another OSS vendor creating a time crunch. Austin Dynamics was asked to run one each to verify we could hold the tolerance. Upon inspection by OSS, we were informed that it was the most nominal part that had ever been inspected during the over 20 years of service by the Inspector, holding true position of less than .001 over the critical angled holes. Another part we would like to reference is SDG33107581-001 Bayonet Probe. We tackled this project in fall of 2008 and had a few difficulties in getting the first article inspected and bought off. After weeks of intense communication and teamwork with the OSS Quality Department, Austin Dynamics got the process refined and perfected; finding out later numerous vendors had failed and given up in their attempts to tame this project. Oceaneering was very thankful and gracious for our diligent efforts thanking us and offering additional compensation to offset the labor costs incurred. That exemplifies the meaning of partnership and commitment to excellence Oceaneering Space and Thermal Systems possess. The parts run for OSS are too numerous to mention but we wanted to spotlight a few. We prototyped many of the new space suit parts last year,(DO-21-SK-110,-117,-122,-139,-140,-141,-147,-148,-149,ect.)and have programs and processes ready to go.

Our Machine capability is state of the art. We currently have (7) Mori Seiki Mills many equipped with 4th axis and (4) Mori Seiki Lathes three of which have live tooling. We offer EDM services, wire and plunge, through a partner company in Austin. We are also part owners of a sister company in the Dallas- Fort Worth area LSC Precision that is a female owned small business and running Mori Seiki machine tools. Austin Dynamics has recently purchased an industrial lot and plans to break ground on a new 15,000 square foot facility this year. Our gross revenue for 2008 was 3.8 million dollars; with Oceaneering Space and Thermal Systems comprising about 9 percent of our business. We feel there is great opportunity for growth together and are prepared to transition more capacity to support you.

Austin Dynamics realizes our most important asset is a highly experienced and well trained staff. We maintain and run 2 shifts and operate six days a week.

At Austin Dynamics, we have a thorough knowledge of geometric dimensioning; tolerances and inspection per A.N.S.I. Y 14.5.We are on the ISO pathway and hope be registered for certification in the next 12-18 months.

Our primary goal at Austin Dynamics is customer satisfaction. We achieve this through our three (3) point plan:

1. Unsurpassed commitment to the philosophy of Total Quality Control.

2. Overhead and manufacturing cost reduction and control.

3. Knowing our customers' businesses and their individual needs.

Let us continue to put the power of Austin Dynamics to work for all of your manufacturing needs. All work is guaranteed and documented inspection reports are provided at your request. We look forward to an opportunity to provide you with cost effective machining for your manufacturing needs.

E-mail: sales@austindynamics.com