Our Team

Craig Hobdy - President and CEO

Craig began his career at Texas Instruments where he was reponsible for overseeing a number of critical projects and learned how to effeciently run a business. He founded the company on two basic principlss; his machine shop would provide outstanding quality parts at a reasonable price and his customers would receive excellent customer service. Since Austin Dynamics opened in 1992 these two principles have remained our primary goal. Craig's knowledge of what makes a successful business is why Austin Dynamics has been such a huge success and attracted the best employees and staff. He is a graduate of Texas State Technical Institute in Waco, Texas. He remains intimately involved in every aspect of the business and understands the importance of developing a personal relationship with every single customer.

Brian Jackson - Director of Operations

Brian is a graduate of Texas State Technical Institute with a track record of success in managing the day to day operations of a succesful machine shop. He has over 20-years of management experience in the precision parts industry. This background has given him the ability to make Austin Dynamics extremely efficient and competitive on quality, price, turnaround time and customer service.

Kelley Fierro - Office Manager

Kelley wears a lot of hats at Austin Dynamics including operational quality control and human resources. To attract the best employees you need to offer the best benefits and work environment and Kelley does a great job attracting and retaining the very best employees for Austin Dynamics. Kelly is responsible for managing a very attractive employee medical and dental program offered through United Healthcare which is provided to all full-time Austin Dynamics employees. She also handles customer service and accounting for the company.

Kelly Hobdy - Sales Manager

Kelly was a very successful software salesperson prior to joining Austin Dynamics and heads up the sales and marketing team. She has been starting up new relationships and making customers happy since 1992. Kelly understands the importance of service and responsiveness that prospects and customers require to be competitive in today’s global economy. If you are interested in getting some quotes, have questions about the services that Austin Dynamics offers or have a specific need that you need help determining a creative solution for, give Kelly a call at 512-267-3117 and she will do her very best to assist you and provide outstanding customer service.

Tony Gonzales - Quality Control Manager

Tony Gonzales is our Quality Control Manager and works hard to improve our system of checks and balances to maximize the quality of product that we deliver to our customers. Tony has been a loyal employee at Austin Dynamics for over eight years and has clost to 15 years of experience in the industry. He is a stickler for doing things right and maintains the important ISO 9001 certification that our customers expect. Establishing and maintaining a documented quality system means Austin Dynamics will deliver a high quality product in timely fashion. Tony's efforts to manage Austin Dynamics Quality Control process ultimately leads to sustained customer satisfaction because we create fewer defective parts and have fewer delays.

If you're searching for a CNC machine shop with high level turning, milling, grinding, heat treating, EDM, and other machining capabilities, we can help. Austin Dynamics has been serving the most demanding manufacturers in the nation with precision parts for more than a decade. Whether demand is at its highest, or turnaround time at its lowest, you can count on us to provide you with unique solutions when demand exceeds capacity.

E-mail: sales@austindynamics.com